Lady Diyosa = Filipino = Goddess

Already at a young age, I became aware of my perverse inclination to dominant BDSM practices.

After not too long I made this passion my profession and since then I have been constantly perfecting my practices. In my sessions I speak German and English.

My dominant streak has been developing until I became a passionate sadist with that obscene, vulgar, lascivious laugh that you will become addicted to once you hear it. With full curiosity and passion to seize the power and to introduce a new model to the male world – Lady Diyosa –

In my sessions, which are creative, real and never the same, I constantly refine my unusual repertoire.

My exotic look and my flawless body, which is decorated, wrapped in latex, leather, nylons and more, will bring you, my most submissive slaves, to your knees.

As a versatile lady, I will introduce you to every facet of my wide repertoire. I will challenge you beyond your limits and lead you to your deepest hidden ecstasy.

You are looking for that one encounter that will let you find and exceed your limits, in the space of your hidden desire and in the depths of the dark world of BDSM?

I’ll find your desire designed for boundless submission. I’ll penetrate deeply into your subconscious and your desire for me increases with every breath, with every look I will direct at you …

get you addicted to me… to more…